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Melaka Zoo & Night Safari

Melaka Zoo is the second largest in Malaysia. Located 13km outside Malacca city in Ayer Keroh, it has over 1,200 animals of 200 different species. The zoo’s highlight is the night-viewing safari when visitors are driven around in a tram to see lit-up exhibits of

Melaka Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens Ayer Keroh – was established in 2006 and is encircled by a forest that contains over 300 species of fauna and flora. The cheesy yet cute thing about this park is the collection of giant stone carvings of prehistoric animals that were indigenous to this area scattered all around the park. The […]

Malacca Crocodile Farm

The Malacca Crocodile Farm, more commonly known as Taman Buaya Melaka, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ayer Keroh. Family-friendly and picturesque, the farm is not just home to over 100 species of crocs, but also five different attractions in

Museum of Aborigines

Museum of Aborigines located near to the Malacca Crocodile Farm in Ayer Keroh, the Museum of Aborigines was opened back in 1997 and displays the daily appliances and materials used by the natives, namely the Senoi, Jah Huat and Mah Meri tribes. The