Museum of Aborigines

Museum of Aborigines located near to the Malacca Crocodile Farm in Ayer Keroh, the Museum of Aborigines was opened back in 1997 and displays the daily appliances and materials used by the natives, namely the Senoi, Jah Huat and Mah Meri tribes. The Museum of Aborigines is designed to replicate a native house which was commonly found in per-urbanized Malaysia.
Among the themes exhibited are the aborigines’ fishing methods, agricultural tools, interior house design and weaponry. The main attraction of the Museum of Aborigines is the wedding customs and the funeral ceremonies of these indigenous tribes. Visitors can also view the tribes’ handcraft such as wood carvings and weaving. The Museum of Aborigines is the perfect museum for visitors who are curious and want to learn about the Aborigines’ way of life as well as traditions and beliefs.